How to request an invoice

Updated on May 23, 2024

Nembol automatically sends very simple and minimal PDF receipts via email upon our system collects a user payment.

Some users though need formal invoices, containing extended identification data of their business, so that they can file them with their annual accounting.

If you are one of such businesses and need an invoice, Nembol will of course help you with it.

Just write as a message, via email or inside the in-app chat, and send us your business information you want in the invoice. Typically:

  • Business full and exact address
  • Tax I.D. number, such as a VAT id for European companies

Once received, we will update your user data in our system and generate an invoice within one business day.

We can also provide previous invoices if needed, and this service is of course for free.

After your business data are updated, the system will automatically send a correct monthly invoice at each subsequent payment.